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Power up your editing with new Luminar AI, the ultimate AI-infused app and plugin for Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom Classic.

Fueled by a host of innovative new tech like Accent AI, Sky AI, Color Harmony, SuperContrast, 1-click Templates and more, you’ll be amazed at how far you can take your images.

Why Luminar AI?

  • Workflow: Runs as a plug-in to Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom Classic, or as a standalone Raw photo editor
  • Artificial Intelligence: Makes difficult or time-consuming tasks super-easy
  • Full-Featured: Scores of editing tools and image catalog help you quickly fix images and achieve your artistic vision
  • 1-Click Easy: AI Templates and simple sliders make for instant results
Wherever your creative vision leads you, Luminar AI has the tools, smarts and style to help you achieve your absolute best! 


Posing Techniques for Portrait Photographers

featuring Jessica Kobeissi

Whether you are working with a seasoned model or someone who hasn't been in front of a camera, learn expert tips to direct them about how to pose.

Staging the Foreground of Your Landscape Image
Staging the Foreground of Your Landscape Image

featuring Elia Locardi

An important element of a landscape photo is framing. This ensures that you direct the viewer’s eye to the most important part of the image.

Use Lens Compression to Avoid Distracting Backgrounds

featuring Nicole Young

Learn how compressing the space between your subject and the background with a longer lens can get rid of distracting elements.

Using a Neutral Density Filter for Epic Images

Using a Neutral Density Filter for Epic Images

featuring Elia Locardi

Learn what a graduated neutral density (ND) filter is and how to use one to create streaky looks of water or car headlights, and more.


Add Fill Light to Tabletop Photography

featuring Nicole Young

Does your tabletop photography need a little extra? Learn how to create a handy reflector with foam board, an exacto knife, and some gaffer tape.


Use Contrasting Colors to Make Your Photos Pop

featuring Nicole Young

Adding contrasting colors in a scene will make your photos stand out. What do you need to think about? Find out in this fascinating video.

Take your photo editing toolkit and skills to a whole new level with these bonus offers!


Epic Sunsets Sky Pack

This unique Epic Sunsets Sky pack was created by Elia Locardi, an internationally acclaimed travel photographer, writer, public speaker, and educator. It includes 28 epic sunsets at 8K resolution in JPEG format. You’ll find every type of vivid, colorful, and fiery sky you need to produce high-quality portfolio-level work.


Cinematic LUTs

Heralding first from the world of video, professional Lookup Tables (LUTs) are used to quickly change the appearance of any photo. Created by renowned speaker and educator Rich Harrington this pack of  creative LUTs will let you try a whole new way to stylize images in seconds. 


Landscape Quick Start eBook

Landscape or Nature photographer? Get immediate results using Luminar AI with this handy visual guide. Also includes hands-on practice files or use your own!
NOTE: When downloading, use password: Shutterf@n21 to access.


Portraits eBook

Tap into your creative and artistic muse with our new Iconic Images eBook. Our talented team will demystify the creative portraiture process for you.
NOTE: When downloading, use password: Shutterf@n21 to access.


EXCLUSIVE access to the Luminar AI Insiders Community!!

Get a taste of our inspirational Luminar AI "Insiders" Community with this special invitation for Shutterbug fans. You'll find a welcoming group of like-minded photographers from around the world, direct connections to the Skylum team, webinars, and special access to a full-length Portrait and Landscape video courses that will level up your game!
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